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    • 名称: 5L-130秸秆粗糠环保悬浮热风炉


    Lower use-cost,adopt renewable resources as fuel(rice hull, straw and so on).

    Higher automation,Just need to ignite once and feed twice per day(10hours).

    Full burning and more environmental friendly,adopt suspended burning technology to burn fully and save combustion effectively to reduce exhaust gas emission(rice hull combustion400Kg/h).

    Longer service life,the inside of the furnace adopts all refractory filling technology with longer service life.

    Easier to maintain,adopt disassembling technology for whole machine and the most scientific modular setting to make machine easy to maintain.

    The new smoke and dust separation technology is adopted to protect the environment and extend the service life of the smoke exhaust blades.

    Higher heating efficiency,heat up in 8-10 minutes from normal temperature to 110℃ in southeast Asia and South Central China ,and 10-20minutes in the northeast of China.

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